Keep Calm & Stop Checking Social Media!

Stay Focused On Your Work Against All Odds! If anyone knows the struggle of staying focused on work, it’s me. I usually have at least four projects on the go and prolonged concentration has never been my strong suit. I’ve checked Facebook twice already while writing...

Are you down with OPP (Other People’s Podcasts)?

I don’t mean just listening to them (it’d be pretty weird if you only listened to your own). I’m talking about guesting on them. Or guest-posting on other people’s blogs, for that matter. Our digital landscape offers entrepreneurs and marketers a lot of really great...

Automation: Not Just For Robots Anymore!

Email marketing automation is basically like having an invisible army of helpers taking care of your marketing emails for you, so that you can focus on the 748 other things that you need to do to keep your business running at 100%.

Banish That Burnout in 4 Easy Steps

Burnout happens when you’ve worked too hard for too long without taking any downtime. Everyone’s brain is different. Some people can work for a week and a half straight without needing a break, while other people need to take some time for themselves almost daily.